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Casey Connell, Owner

Casey Connell has been growing medical cannabis since 2001 and has a striving desire to provide products that are not only of the highest quality, but effective, safe, and available at a reasonable cost to his consumers. Casey founded his own nonprofit MMJ collective garden, Contender Agriculture, Inc., in 2012.   

Shortly after, Casey decided to go back to school and fine-tune his knowledge on cannabis. He has completed four degrees at Oaksterdam University and has attended Canna Group University, as well as completed extensive courses in controlled environment agriculture.

Committed to keeping his grow chemical free with the end user in mind, Connell has always placed a high premium on product research and development. Over the years, he has created several innovative and proprietary techniques, using the latest cutting-edge technologies to maximize product yields and reduce costs. Encountering an infestation in 2013 required Connell to find a better means to solving the problem. For the past six years, he has concentrated all of his research in Bio controls, using and testing beneficial insects with cannabis. He has since gone on to help other farmers achieve their own integrated pest management goals.

Casey graduated from The University of New Mexico in Albuquerque in 2004 with a BA in Economics and Portuguese. He credits his initial success in agriculture to the organizational and business skills he obtained while living and studying in the Southwest and working with many growers.

After college, Casey moved to central Oregon. He started his own cacti Farm, CJ’s Cacti. His passion and research with Cannabis continued. During the recession, Connell eventually found his way to Seattle, meeting and consulting with several experienced MMJ growers and managing his own collective garden in Snohomish County, leading to Contender Agriculture in King County.

In 2013, Connell founded Contender Gardens LLC, a regulated I-502 producer/processor company in the state of Washington. His desire is still the same as before: to produce a safe, effective, quality product at a reasonable cost. Contender Gardens uses an array of beneficial insects to fight the good fight. Their mission is to be pesticide free. 

Connell is an executive member of the cannabis farmer’s council in Washington State. He speaks frequently about Integrated Pest Management.

He currently lives in Spokane, Washington and runs day-to-day operations on the Contender Gardens farm. He is available for consulting, presentations, and panels related to cannabis farming and can be reached here.




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