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Casey Connell of Contender Gardens featured in WeCannect!

Check out “12 Questions for Casey Connell” here!


Contender Gardens featured in The Spokesman-Review

Author Joe Butler interviewed our own Casey Connell regarding Contender Gardens’ use of biological controls. Read the article here.


Casey Connell of Contender Gardens talks to Clayton Neidigh of Third Eye Organix about cannabis, cultivation, soil, microbes and biochar.


Contender Gardens founder will speak at the Cannabis Society on April 1st in Las Vegas, NV.

This will be the same day, following his session at the cannabis Conference on ‘How to Launch a Profitable Cannabis Cultivation Business’

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“A low overhead insures a bright future”  How Contender Gardens chooses to stay competitive.

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Casey Connell slated to speak at Cannabis Conference in Las Vegas

“This year's Cannabis Conference is bigger and better than ever. They've expanded offerings to include pre-show workshops and post-show video access. There will be 2,100 minutes of educational programming focusing on cannabis cultivation & business operations, as well as retail management and customer engagement. Use code Connell10 at registration to save!

“Did you know that you will get special admittance to exclusive cultivation & dispensary tracks with an all-access pass for the Cannabis Conference in Las Vegas? Cannabis Conference is taking place April 1-3 in Las Vegas. Use my speaker code Connell10 at registration to save on your all-access pass.

“I’m excited to be speaking at Cannabis Conference, April 1-3 2019 in Las Vegas. Use code Connell10 at registration to receive a discount. I’ll be speaking at the ‘How to Launch a Profitable Cannabis Cultivation Business’ session. Click here to learn more!”


Contender Gardens President featured at 5th Annual Cannabis Collaborative Conference

On January 24, 2019, Casey Connell, President and Founder of Contender Gardens was a featured speaker at the 5th Annual Cannabis Collaborative Conference in Portland, Oregon. His topic was “Clean Cannabis and Biological Control.”


Check out Casey Connell of Contender Gardens talking "clean cannabis" on "The Cannabis Corner." Casey talks beneficial insects, clean cannabis at Contender Gardens and pesticides and cannabis. Get a behind-the-scenes view of what goes into growing clean cannabis at Contender Gardens on this informative episode.

"The Cannabis Corner," hosted by cannabis activist and educator Lukas Barfield, is a radio show heard on Radio Tacoma, 101.9 LP FM. Located in Tacoma, Radio Tacoma is a terrestrial low-power community access radio station. "The Cannabis Corner" can be heard daily on Radio Tacoma. The show is dedicated to bringing the most up-to-date information on the topic of cannabis in order to educate the public about the world's most misunderstood plant, cannabis.


2018 Cannabis Sustainability Symposium

Casey Connell speaks in a session on Controlling pests and feeding plants: Innovative solutions for Soil and Plant Health


Toxic Waste, Carbon Emissions and Other Sustainability Problems for Legal Pot

Casey Connell speaks about pest control at the Cannabis Sustainability Symposium in Denver.


Contender Gardens’ Uncle Roaner’s Candy featured on!

“For those looking for a consistent edible, which is hard to come by even still, the Roaner's taffy is the move. At 20 milligrams, the subsequent body high is a great addition to a night in after a long day.” Read more here!


Cultivation: The New Age of Commercial Grow Operations

In this podcast for, get information about how commercial growers can increase their yield with the latest techniques for maximizing space, pest control, and heat-reduction systems as we hear from Casey Connell, the President and Head Grower of Contender Gardens. Includes a discussion of recent advances in technology that are helping commercial growers maximize space, increase yields, and use nutrients more efficiently.

You’ll also learn about the importance of R&D and genetics in selecting the right strains, along with information on water walls and cooling and other methods to help you grow successfully in the Florida climate.



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Click here to read pro tips from Contender Gardens President, Casey Connell!


lemonhaze 2018!



Providing cutting-edge, affordable technology and unmatched support for any grow operation.

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We are so honored to be featured on the website of Dutch Master Nutrients!

Dutch Master® nutrients is a family owned and operated brand of cannabis-specific specialty fertilizers originally launched in Adelaide South Australia in 1998 by sole founding owner Craig Gribble. Today, Dutch Master® products can be purchased online at and also through Amazon guaranteeing customers of the freshest possible products and discreet shipping direct to their door. The new Dutch Master® website is loaded with dialed-in feed charts, master grower tips, a super advanced nutrient calculator and a commercial grower photo gallery displaying their quality cannabis flowers grown using Dutch Master® nutrients. Seeing is believing!

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On Monday, March 12, 2018 Contender Gardens founder Casey Connell presented about Mastering Biological Controls at Cannabis 2018 Cultivation Conference in Oakland, California.

Casey's passion for the purest, safest cannabis, coupled with his expertise in beneficial insects, ensure this presentation will be helpful and a game-changer for cannabis growers!

Talk Description: Dealing With Insect and Mite Pests … Biologically
Learn the fundamentals of biological control and provide information on the biological control agents (natural enemies) commercially available including parasitoids and predators for the various insect and mite pests of cannabis. Also, gain insights on the environmental and plant-related factors that can impact the performance of both parasitoids and predators in regulating insect and mite pest populations.


Podcast with Grandex Media

The Business of Growing Cannabis. Released November 20, 2016

Casey speaks with Joe, Madison, David and Micah of Grandex Media about Contender Gardens, how he got started in the business, and some of the current political concerns of the industry.

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Spokane, WA – With the passage of I502 in WA state decriminalizing possession of an ounce of cannabis or less and the implementation of a regulated recreational retail sales program, the marijuana industry has grown in leaps and bounds measured in billions of dollars. What was once a cottage business supplying medical marijuana dispensaries is now big agriculture and big-profit business.

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 7.30.35 PM.png

Staying the Course in Washington State’s Cycle of Ever Changing Marijuana Regulations

How Seattle-Based Contender Gardens, LLC, Stays Focused on Success

Oaksterdam University alumni are some of the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the cannabis industry. Casey Connell, owner of two Seattle-based commercial cannabis supply businesses, is one such alum.

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 7.31.14 PM.png

Oaksterdam University Fills Important Information Void at Horticulture Seminar in Las Vegas, Nevada

“I love what I do and I love to learn,” said Connell. “Oaksterdam’s seminar offered the opportunity to add credibility to my resume with the horticulture certification. I also liked being able to network with other growers to learn from their experiences compared to my own. ”




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